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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Years Experience
Unlimited Features

Get To Know Us

Beaver Bids is changing the way we do procurement online. No more crazy prices or restricted access, we are going to do things a little differently here. We started with procurement jobs and our awesome Social Networks, however we have ambitious plans to release more great products and features in the future as you will see in our roadmap.


We have over 50 years experience in procurement. When we set up the company we hand picked the right people with the right skills to build a successful business. We only have 5 employees and ideally that is how we stay, we want to stay strong to our culture and belief system on how a company should run and how we should treat customers.


Don’t for one minute however think that because we are small we don’t offer great customer care, quite the opposite. We don’t have meetings so we don’t get tied up all day, and our technology gives us great ability to provide amazing support.


We have 24/7 chat, and an unlimited ticket system for every member of the network.


Technology is at the core of everything we do at Beaver Bids. At the end of the day we are all a bunch of geeks who love to code, and this passion will drive our products and services.


We use machine learning for most of our services such as jobs, news, events, but especially our tender alert service. Machine learning is basically a bunch of algorithms, you may know it as artificial intelligence. Essentially we are able to predict the content that interests you based on what other people have told us, and what you indicate as relevant as you use our services.


Our sites will change a lot because we do want to stay ahead of the game, we actually are already!


Our pricing model ranges from free to minimal. We are giving away as much functionality and services as we can, and access to our network will always be free. Gone are the days of high prices and locked in contracts, that is not how today’s generation work.


Think of our tender alert service as Netflix for procurement. Our model will have a low price, no contract and easy to use. There is flexibility to use the services you want, even if that is just joining the free network.


We will always be able to keep our prices low because we have no infrastructure costs or people managing that infrastructure, and our technology means we don’t need to hire large teams to do manual tasks.

Meet the Eager Beavers

Our team has over 50 years experience in public procurement, each member of the team hand picked to provide expertise in their area. We chose the beaver theme because it stands for so much of what we believe in, community, working and building together.

Builder Beaver

Our builder beaver is always looking at new technology, innovation and ways to improve the service. We use machine learning and bleeding edge tech to stay ahead of the curve. Check out our roadmap to see our big plans.

Support Beaver

Our customer support beaver will look after all of your needs. At Beaver Bids we truly believe the customer comes first, always! If there is anything we can help you with just contact us.

Training Beaver

Our training beaver knows procurement inside out and is going to share all of that knowledge with you. We offer fun, short to the point training and it is all online! Check out our Training page to find out more.

Sales Beaver

Unlike many salesmen, our sales beaver knows exactly what the role is, it’s to ensure our customers get exactly the right product to suit their business needs. This beaver knows what you need, and he is going to help you get it.

Coder Beaver

This beaver codes his little heart out. Building all of our applications and software, we are always working to improve our solutions and this little guy never stops. With lots of big plans, working closely with our builder beaver, we are going to shake up this industry.